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Habilitationsvortrag Prof. Dr. Daniel Göhring

10.12.2021 | 14:00
Thema des Habilitationsvortrag:
Information Theory, Error Correcting Codes for Classic and for Quantum Computing
Abstract: Error correcting codes (ECC) play an important role whenever it is necessary to communicate data over unreliable or noisy communication channels. In the first part of my presentation, I will explain basic terms and principles of ECCs, such as Hamming distances, generator matrices, syndromes, error detection, error correction, and provide examples for applications. In a second part, I will introduce a basic ECC design for the quantum computing domain which takes advantage of quantum gates, superpositions and entangled states.

Zeit & Ort

10.12.2021 | 14:00

gr. Hörsaal der Informatik
(Takustr. 9, 14195 Berlin)

– unter Einhaltung der 2G-Regelung-