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Habilitationsvortrag Dr. Patricio Farrell

25.01.2023 | 16:30
Thema des Habilitationsvortrag:
Quantum Computing
Abstract: How many sides of a coin do you need to check to find out whether there is an equal chance it is heads or tails? This talk gives an introduction to quantum computing where the answer to this question is surprisingly different from what we are used to. The talks begins with a brief overview of the history of quantum computing and different hardware implementations before introducing the necessary mathematical tools such as tensor calculus and the bra-ket notation. It then translates fundamental physical concepts such as qubits, Born’s rule, the observer’s effect, quantum gates, entanglement as well as interference into linear algebra. Finally, key quantum algorithms are discussed which are proven to give a definite answer to the initial question.

Zeit & Ort

25.01.2023 | 16:30

Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Seminarraum 019, Arnimallee 3, 14195 Berlin