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PhD Program

The Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) aimed at the PhD students is a vital part of the CRC 1114. The PhD students work on their projects under the supervision of two Principal Investigators within a respective CRC research project. The IRTG provides additional interdisciplinary structured training and support. This includes intensive courses in CRC-related topics, soft skills training and other kinds of support for career planning and development. The PhD students also benefit from being a part of the international network of scientists the CRC is connected to.

Supervision and Mentoring

All PhD students in the IRTG have a principal and an associate advisor, each from a different discipline. In addition, PhD students choose a personal mentor from the team of Principal Investigators and Postdocs of the CRC. While the academic advisors are concerned mainly with the progress of the PhD project, the mentors support the PhD students by giving advice on personal and career development.

Associated Membership in DRS Graduate Schools

The PhD students in the IRTG are associated with three graduate schools under the umbrella of the Dahlem Research School, namely Berlin Mathematical School BMS, GeoSim: Explorative Simulation in Earth Sciences and Molecular Science, as well as with the International Max Planck Research School for Computational Biology and Scientific Computing. The associated membership offers them a wider range of training opportunities and a broadened network of academic peers.