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PhD Support Services

Co-funding of German Language Courses for International PhD Students

The CRC co-funds fees for German language courses at university language centers for international PhD students who wish to learn German.

FUBright Program

The CRC encourages international PhD students to take part in the FUBright Program that is coordinated by the Dahlem Research School. The program offers supportive measures to help PhD students cope successfully with the additional challenges they may face as international doctoral candidates.

Useful links and resources

PhD Career Stories podcast contains stories and experiences of people who have taken different career paths after completing their doctoral studies

Coping with conflicts and challenges during the PhD studies

During your PhD studies, you may encounter different challenges, such as conflicts with your supervisor or colleagues, difficulties in finishing the PhD thesis, stress and exhaustion, decrease of motivation etc. There are several possibilities to get support in such cases.

The PhD program coordinator Stefanie Groß is available as a neutral contact person you can turn to confidentially. She will direct you to the suitable university support services and/or organize external support (coaching, mediation etc.).

You can also contact the support services at your university directly:

FU Berlin

TU Berlin

HU Berlin

University of Potsdam
https://www.uni-potsdam.de/de/pogs/ueber-uns/team.html (Studio Promovierende)