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Master's Program Computational Sciences

The CRC 1114 initiated a novel interdisciplinary and international Master's program Computational Sciences, which has been successfully implemented in cooperation of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department with the Biology–Chemistry–Pharmacy, Geo-Sciences, and Physics Departments of FU Berlin. The aim is to train a generation of young scientists with interdisciplinary backgrounds, well versed in modern techniques of mathematical modelling and scientific computing, and with excellent backgrounds in at least one of the CRC’s application areas.

The Master’s program was launched in the winter semester 2016/17. Its curriculum combines mathematical and computational courses with courses in a natural science application field, currently to be chosen from molecular sciences, atmospherical sciences, or geosciences. The program directors Frank Noé and Rupert Klein are PIs in the CRC 1114.

Webpage of the Master's program Computational Sciences: http://www.compsci.fu-berlin.de/en/