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A modular C++-framework for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) with grid-based methods. The Dune ecosystem consists of a set of core modules and growing set of extension and application modules build on top the core modules. The work group participates at the development of the *core modules* and several extension modules (see below for an incomplete list).


The dune-functions module provides an abstraction layer for global finite element functions. Its two main concepts are functions implemented as callable objects, and bases of finite element spaces.


Dune-subgrid is a module for the DUNE environment. The dune-subgrid module allows to mark elements of another hierarchical dune grid. The set of marked elements can then be accessed as a hierarchical dune grid in its own right. Dune-Subgrid provides the full grid interface including adaptive mesh refinement.


A discretization module with emphasis on flexibility and ease of usage based on the dune-functions library


A framework for linear and nonlinear algebraic solvers including multigrid methods


A generic implementation of the Truncated Nonsmooth Newton MultiGrid (TNNMG) method for nonsmooth problems based on the dune-solvers framework