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Numerical solution of dynamic metabolic resource allocation problems for bioenergy production


Einstein Center for Mathematics Berlin

Jun 01, 2017 — Mar 03, 2019


In the field of sustainable energies, microbial cell factories such as yeasts and cyanobacteria are receiving increasing interest due to their potential to produce biofuels. A major question is how the metabolism of these microorganisms is coordinated in a dynamic environment such that the correct macromolecules are synthesized at the right time in order to enable growth and survival. Recent mathematical modeling approaches have made it possible to study this problem using an optimal dynamic resource allocation formalism such as dynamic enzyme-cost flux balance analysis (deFBA). The goal of this project is to study the mathematical properties of the underlying optimal control problem involving differential-algebraic constraints and to develop efficient numerical solution strategies.

Project partners

Prof. Dr. Volker Mehrmann, Technische Universität Berlin