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CATAN - Kausalität, Zeitfluss und Abstraktion in Netzwerken

Research Team:

Dr. Mathilde Noual


Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

Jun 19, 2017 — Jun 18, 2020


Boolean Automata Networks are formal prototypes of networks. Using them as such, this project studies general, scalable network features (eg synchronism, reversibility, non-monotony) and addresses questions about (1) the intrinsic effect of these features, (2) their vicariousness, i.e. the different ways to formally implement the effects that they are known, recognised and sometimes disregarded for, (3) their expressivity and the consistency of their possible meanings with respect to the meanings of other pre-existing meaningful features of the formalism. The primary overarching aims of the project are (1) to help build a portable, thorough and constructive understanding of networkness, (2) develop foundations of a theory of time flow in networks, and (3) provide formal, transdisciplinarily practical grips on the notion of "abstraction" attendant to network representation. In the longer term, the outcome of the project can (a) help organise and pool the literature’s pre-existing results on Automata Networks, (b) promote transdisciplinary dialogue, and (c) emphasise the pivotal role that Fundamental Computer Science can play at the centre of the applied nature-modelling sciences.