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Reaction-diffusion systems: hysteresis and nonlocal interactions

DFG Collaborative Research Center 910 on Control of self-organizing nonlinear systems

The project deals with reaction-diffusion systems involving hysteresis, or, more generally, bistability. The models under consideration have applications to a large number of biological, chemical, physical, and economic processes. Besides the nontrivial issue of well-posedness, we are interested in the qualitative description of solutions. The analysis will be in terms of emerging spatio-temporal patterns that are influenced primarily by the interplay between diffusion and spatially distributed hysteresis. We will also develop theoretical concepts for the stability analysis and control of these patterns by temporally and spatially nonlocal feedback.

Principal Investigator

PD Dr. Pavel Gurevich


Dr. Nikita Begun: My main research interests include Dynamical systems, Differential equations, Reaction-diffusion equations, Hyperbolic attractors and systems with dry friction.

Mark Curran: I am interested in the well-posedness of reaction-diffusion equations with a nonlinear term involving spatially distributed hysteresis. In particular, I am dealing with this problem where the spatial domain is a subset of Rn with n greater than one.

Adem Güngör (Masters student-Student Assistant)

Dr. Eyal Ron (Former PhD Student): I am interested in delay differential equations and hysteresis operators. Research questions invole long-term behaviour, such as periodic solutions and patterns. Specifically, the question of controlling these phenomenon using delay terms (e.g. Pyragas control) or hysteresis operators is of great interest.

Konstantinos Zemas (Former masters student-Student Assistant)

Preprints and Publications

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(Extended version: pdf)

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