Research Seminar SoSe 2018

Topic: de Rham epsilon factors à la Beilinson-Bloch-Esnault

Time: Donnerstags, 10-12 Uhr

Place: SR 009 Arnimallee 6

Organizer: Michael Gröchenig

Programm: here

19. April  Motivation I: geometric class field theory and epsilon-factors 
26. April (2 pm !!)  Motivation II: more on l-adic epsilon factors after Deligne-Mumford
03. May Holonomic D-modules and irregular flat connections on curves
tba Graded lines and determinants
17. May Good lattice pairs
24. May Infinite-dimensional vector spaces and determinantal theories
31. May de Rham epsilon factors and teh epsilon connection
07. June  Complimentary material
14. June  Betti epsilon factors
21. June  Beilinson's unicity theorem
28. June  Epsilon periods