Medical Bioinformatics

AddressArnimallee 6
Building Pi Building — Room 137
14195 Berlin
Telephone+49 (0) 30 838 75367 (Office)
DirectorTim Conrad

Who we are:

We are an interdisciplinary junior research group at Freie Universität Berlin developing methods for analyzing biological systems, ultimately allowing for new clinical diagnostics tools. Proteomics is a relatively young discipline dealing with the complicated protein mixture in biological systems, for example the human body. Changes in the concentration of some protein species can often be directly linked to diseases, such as cancer. The Mecical Bioinformatics Group develops new algorithms capable of identifying changes in the very high dimensional proteome data we are getting from clinical partners. In particular, we are interested in tiny signals that are usually hidden in the noisy part of the data and not detectable by current approaches.

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