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Research Seminar - Geometry and Visualization

InstructorProf. Konrad Polthier
RoomArnimallee 6 SR 108/109

Thursday, 2-4 pm

This seminar series is aimed at PhD students, master students and student assistants in the mathematical geometry processing group. In the talks we present and discuss relevant literature, recent publications and latest research results.

Winter semester 2023/2024

08.02.2024 Henriette Lipschütz, Ulrich Reitebuch Manifold Meshing of Point Clouds with Guaranteed Smallest Edge Length
15.02.2024 Jakub Rondomanski Topology of symmetric matrices

Summer semester 2023

22.06.2023 Eric Zimmermann Point Clouds. Between Local and Global Approaches.
26.06.2023 Ulrich Reitebuch Direct Construction of Aperiodic Tilings with the Hat Monotile

Winter semester 2022/2023

20.10.2022 Jakub Rondomanski Symplektische Geometrie: eine moderne, differentialgeometrische Beschreibung der klassischen Mechanik
03.11.2022 Ulrich Reitebuch Manifold Meshing of Point Clouds

Summer semester 2021

02.09.2021 Yannic Wendth Topology of Hexahedral Mesh in S3
15.07.2021 Konrad Polthier Physical Geometries and their Spectral Properties
10.06.2021 Eric Zimmermann Variational Shape Approximation of Point Set Surfaces
06.05.2021 Sunil Kumar Yadav Local Delaunay-based high fidelity surface reconstruction from 3D point sets & Adaptive point set denoising
01.04.2021 Jakob Rondomanski Eigenmodes in mechanical systems and geometry
11.03.2021 Henriette Lipschütz Constructions from Magnetic Spheres
04.02.2021 Ulrich Reitebuch Single-Sized Spheres on Surfaces

Winter semester 2019/2020

19.12.2019 Safeer Babu 2D & 3D Reconstruction - Algorithms for Reconstruction from a Set of Points (2D & 3D)

Summer semester 2019

04.04.2019 Olga Graf 1-bit Sigma-Delta modulation on a circle and its application to digital halftoning

Winter semester 2018/2019

08.11.2018 Prof. Miroslaw Majewski Axiomatic and algorithmic Gereh Theory

Summer semester 2018

04.09.2018 Christopher Brandt Hyper-Reduced Projective Dynamics
19.07.2018 Eric Zimmermann atlaCon - Atlas Construction for Point-Set-Sampled Manifolds
21.06.2018 Faniry Razafindrazaka T-meshes and T-cycles enumeration
14.06.2018 Sunil Kumar Yadav Rolling normal filtering for point clouds
08.06.2018 Henriette Lipschütz On Hodge-Type Decompositions
09.05.2018 Yoshiki Jikumaru On the non-uniqueness of constant anisotropic mean curvature surfaces
03.05.2018 Martin Skrodzki Atlas Construction for Point-Set-Sampled Manifolds

Winter semester 2017/2018

08.03.2018 Martin Skrodzki, Ulrich Reitebuch Combinatorial and Asymptotical Results on the Neighborhood Grid Data Structure
08.03.2018 Martin Skrodzki The Moving Least Squares Approach in Point Cloud Processing
07.03.2018 Ulrich Reitebuch Geometric Constructions of Weaving Surfaces
07.03.2018 Ulrich Reitebuch Girih 3D
06.03.2018 Konrad Polthier Dipole Surfaces
06.03.2018 Henriette Lipschütz Introduction to Tropical Geometry
05.03.2018 Sunil Yadav Surface Denoising Using the Variation of Normals
04.03.2018 Eric Zimmermann Meshless Quadrangulation by Global Parameterization
04.03.2018 Ann-Sofie Fisker Persistent Topology and Visualization of Higher Dimensional Data
19.10.2017 Michael Pfender Self-Inconsistency of Set Theory (Part 2)

Summer semester 2017

28.09.2017 Michael Pfender Self-Inconsistency of Set Theory (Part 1)

Winter semester 2016/2017

30.03.2017 Thomas Gust N-Dimensional Generalized Combinatorial Maps
29.03.2017 Konstantin Poelke Computational Aspects of Hodge Decompositions: Kernel Hacking
29.03.2017 Maren Fanke Rational Krylov and Application
28.03.2017 Ulrich Reitebuch Optimal Frame Fields
28.03.2017 Eric Zimmermann Hyperbolic Tilings upon Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces
27.03.2017 Martin Skrodzki Local Coordinate Charts via Moving Least Squares and Weights for the Point Cloud Laplacian
26.03.2017 Sunil Yadav CuBe: Parametric modeling of 3D foveal shape using Cubic Bezier

Summer semester 2016

26.05.2016 Konstantin Poelke The intersection space of Dirichlet and Neumann fields
26.05.2016 Martin Skrodzki Efficient charts on point set surfaces
26.05.2016 Anna Wawrzinek Catmull-Clark subdivision finite elements
25.05.2016 Ulrich Reitebuch Origami Hilbert-curves
25.05.2016 Konrad Polthier Covering surfaces
25.04.2016 Alexandre Saint-Dizier Data structures for nearest neighbor search
21.04.2016 Eriko Shinkawa, Ulrich Reitebuch Hilbert curve origami cube

Winter semester 2015/2016

17.03.2016 Eric Zimmermann Hyperbolic tessellation of triply periodic minimal surfaces
10.03.2016 Konrad Polthier Branched covering surfaces
10.03.2016 Faniry Razafindrazaka Merging of singularities for optimized semi-regular meshes
09.03.2016 Konstantin Poelke When is HnHd = 0?
09.03.2016 Eriko Shinkawa Uniqueness and stability for double crystals
08.03.2016 Ulrich Reitebuch Pentagrid and Ammann bars
08.03.2016 Anna Wawrzinek Subdivision compatible finite elements
07.03.2016 Sunil Yadav Noise analysis, feature detection, and smoothing on noisy surfaces
07.03.2016 Martin Skrodzki Point set surfaces and related topics
06.03.2016 Ulrike Bath, Kevin Guo Roelof's covering surfaces
06.03.2016 Thomas Gust The space set hierarchy

Summer semester 2015

19.03.2015 Thomas Gust Properties of n-dimensional triangulations
12.03.2015 Dominik Ganghofer Geometric dependencies in computer-aided architectural design
12.03.2015 Zoi Tokoutsi Geodesic Distance Computation Methods, Credibility and Applications
11.03.2015 Anna Wawrzinek Constraints on Subdivision Limit Surfaces
11.03.2015 Ulrich Reitebuch Quasi Crystals and Aperiodic Tiling
10.03.2015 Faniry Razafindrazaka Perfect Matching Quad Layouts
10.03.2015 Jonas Krone Folding Free Conformal Genus-0 Mappings
09.03.2015 Konstantin Poelke When is H_N orthogonal to H_D? Homology - Duality - Orthogonality
09.03.2015 Martin Skrodzki Neighborhoods from Point Clouds – Data Structures and Search Times
08.03.2015 Sunil Yadav Feature Detection on Noisy Surfaces
08.03.2015 Konrad Polthier Mathematical Shapes

Winter semester 2014/2015

26.02.2015 Dominik Ganghofer Geometric Dependencies in Computer-aided architectural desig
05.02.2015 Thomas Gust Interdependent and Full-Dimensional Geometric Modeling for Civil Engineering
29.01.2015 Ulrich Reitebuch Quad Layout and Perfect Matching
11.12.2014 Faniry Razafindrazaka The 6-Rings: From the Borromean Rings to R13.2'{12,3}
04.12.2014 Thanh An Phan Method of orienting straightest geodesics for finding exact shortest paths inside a sequence of triangles in 3D without unfolding
27.11.2014 Konstantin Poelke A discretized Hodge decomposition and its cohomology on 3d simplicial meshes
20.11.2014 Sunil Yadav Analysis regarding Anisotropic Diffusion and Bilateral Filtering
13.11.2014 Zoi Tokoutsi The Heat Flow on Surfaces and Geodesic Distances
16.10.2014 Mihai Sorin Stupariu Using discrete curvatures on simplicial surfaces in case of terrain data
02.10.2014 Anna Wawrzinek Catmull-Clark Finite Elements and Minimal Surfaces

Summer semester 2014

24.04.2014 Zoi Tokoutsi Polynomial Mandala
17.04.2014 Faniry Razafindrazaka Geodesics on a Parameriziation
10.04.2014 Sebastian Telker An algorithm for computing the Hausdorff-Distance of NURBS-surfaces
03.04.2014 Jonas Krone Surface Retargeting

Winter semester 2013/2014

13.03.2014 Hiroto Inoue An Eigenvalue Problem and the Riemann Hypothesiss
20.02.2014 Hiroyuki Suwa Determination of rotational surfaces with respect to the time axis with given mean curvature in Lorentz-Minkowski 3-space
06.02.2014 Toshiaki Omori Negatively curved crystals via the standard realization with 8-fold symmetry
11.12.2013 Eriko Shinkawa Anisotropic minimal surfaces

Summer semester 2013

11.04.2013 Faniry Razafindrazaka Base Complex of Quad Meshes
25.04.2013 Christopher Brandt Spectral Quadrangulation

Summer semester 2012

16.05.2012 Carsten Lange Counting linear extensions of partial orderings
16.05.2012 Ella Kadas Retinal Blood vessel segmentation in SLO images
15.05.2012 Hao Pan Geodesic based surface tessellation and remeshing
15.05.2012 Isabella Thiesen Minimal surfaces in H^2xR
15.05.2012 Faniry Razafindrazaka Visualization of regular maps
14.05.2012 Klaus Hildebrandt On discrete Laplace-Beltrami operators of polyhedral surfaces
14.05.2012 Ömer Akgüller Geometry Results of Time Scale Calculus
14.05.2012 Anna Wawrzinek Minimal Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces
13.05.2012 Ulrich Reitebuch Models of the Hyperbolic plane
12.05.2012 Stefan W. von Deylen Which axioms are actually needed to provide solutions for the Dirichlet problem and a Hodge decomposition?
12.05.2012 Mikola Lysenko Semirings, Representations and Categories
12.05.2012 Konstantin Poelke Useful Tools from Algebraic Geometry
11.05.2012 Christoph von Tycowicz Wavelet-based Geometry Compression for Adaptive Multiresolution Meshes
12.04.2012 Mikola Lysenko Noncommutative Minkowski Operations

Winter semester 2011/2012

02.02.2012 Maximilian Dohlus NURBS Surface Reconstruction
05.01.2012 Pan Hao Robust Modeling of Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces with Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation
08.12.2011 Sarosh Quraishi Wavelet based multiscale FEM for problems in structural mechanics
10.11.2011 Ömer Akgüller Calculus on Time Scales and Some Geometric Results
06.10.2011 Christoph von Tycowicz Modal Shape Analysis and Processing

Winter semester 2010/2011

17.03.2011 Stefan von Deylen Vector Fields on the Normal Cycle
10.03.2011 Bernhard Blaschitz Geometric Optimization in the Space of Spheres
21.01.2011 Anna Wawrzinek Catmull-Clark Surfaces
21.01.2011 Felix Kälberer Global Structure Optimization of Quadrilateral Meshes
20.01.2011 Ulrich Reitebuch Periodische und aperiodische Tilings
19.01.2011 Isabella Thiesen Discrete Ricci Flow - Algorithm and Visualization
19.01.2011 Tobias Pfeiffer Controllable Conformal Maps for Shape Deformation and Interpolation
18.01.2011 Christian Schultz Interactive Surface Modelling Using Modal Analysis I
18.01.2011 Christoph von Tycowicz Interactive Surface Modelling Using Modal Analysis II
17.01.2011 Stefan von Deylen A Variational Approach for Optimal Parameterization of Implicit Surfaces and its Numerical Implementation
16.01.2011 Faniry Razafindrazaka Tubification of curved edges and visualization of regular maps
16.01.2011 Janis Bode Discrete Exterior Calculus and Applications
15.01.2011 Konrad Polthier Hyperbolic Tilings
10.01.2011 Mimi Tsuruga Forman Fields and the Hungerian Method
02.12.2010 Sebastian Schuberth High-Performance Tomographic Reconstruction using OpenCL

Summer semester 2010

18.10.2010 Benjamin Held 3D Shape Signatures applied to Object Retrieval and Symmetry Detection
30.09.2010 Keenan Crane Trivial Connections on Discrete Surfaces
15.07.2010 Isabella Thiesen Polycubes
01.07.2010 Dror Atariah Radii and Surface Sampling
10.06.2010 Max Kahnt One-step volume and surface meshing using a Delaunay refinement strategy
03.06.2010 Esfandiar Navayazdani Subdivision of Manifold-Valued Data
27.05.2010 Klaus Hildebrandt Shape Analysis via Modal Analysis

Winter semester 2009/2010

16.03.2010 Nicole Lehmann Surface Smoothing via the Embedded Weingarten Map
04.02.2010 Janis Bode Introduction to Scale Space Theory
29.01.2010 Carsten Lange Morse Theory
29.01.2010 Maximilian Dohlus Fundamentals of Morse Theory
28.01.2010 Ulrich Reitebuch Hexahedral Volume Meshes
28.01.2010 Christoph von Tycowicz Vibration Signature
28.01.2010 Christian Schulz Introduction to Vibration Modes
27.01.2010 Janis Bode SIFT und seine implementierung für Graphen
27.01.2010 Anna Wawrzinek Isogeometric Methods for Linear Elasticity Problems
27.01.2010 Isabella Thiesen Uniformization Theorem, Discrete Ricci Flow & Circle Packings
26.01.2010 Tobias Pfeiffer Brownian Motion and the Laplace Equation
26.01.2010 Kai Lawonn Colin de Verdière Parameter
26.01.2010 Felix Kälberer Frame field generation for QuadCover
25.01.2010 Matthias Nieser Basics of QuadCover
25.01.2010 Konstantin Poelke Covering Spaces and Riemann Surfaces
12.11.2009 Dror Atariah Topological Properties Analysis of Point Sets

Summer semester 2009

02.07.2009 Kai Lawonn In- und Exportieren von Second Life Geometrien
25.06.2009 Christian Schulz Segmentation using mode Shapes
18.06.2009 Christoph von Tycowicz Hierarchical Mesh Compression
04.06.2009 Janis Bode Scale-Invariant Feature Transforms and their Perspectives for 3 Dimensions
28.05.2009 Max Dohlus NURBS
19.05.2009 Illia Horenko Variational Approach to Computational Time Series Analysis

Winter semester 2008/2009

19.02.2009 Felix Kälberer Conformal Equivalence of Triangle Meshes
12.02.2009 Dror Atariah Geodesic Delaunay Triangulation
05.02.2009 Klaus Hildebrandt Constraint-based Fairing
29.01.2009 Janis Bode Schwarz-Christoffel Abbildungen
22.01.2009 Konstantin Poelke Domain Coloring - A Fancy Way to Explore Complex Functions
18.12.2008 Kai Lawonn Modeling with Maya
18.12.2008 Christoph von Tycowicz Laplace-Beltrami Eigenfunctions for Deformation Invariant Shape Representation
27.11.2008 Matthias Nieser Parameterization and Singularities
06.11.2008 Tobias Pfeiffer Green Coordinates

Summer semester 2008

17.07.2008 Felix Kälberer Manual Editing of Framefields
12.06.2008 Ulrich Bauer Detection of planar regions in volume data
05.06.2008 Christian Schulz STAR - Spectral Mesh Processing
15.05.2008 Philip Hornig Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces in Space Forms
08.05.2008 Dror Atariah Conformal Flattening by Curvature Prescription and Metric Scaling

Winter semester 2007/2008

14.02.2008 Christian Schulz Strukturierung von triangulierten Oberflächen
24.01.2008 Ulrich Bauer Convergence analysis of curvature operators on curvature line nets
17.01.2008 Klaus Hildebrandt Constraint-based Geometric Fairing
13.12.2007 Kai Hormann Recent approaches in geometry processing, part 2
13.12.2007 Kai Hormann Recent approaches in geometry processing, part 1
06.12.2007 Felix Kälberer Mesh approximation with hierarchical subdivision surfaces

Summer semester 2007

07.06.2007 Dr. Carsten Lange Verallgemeinerte Assoziaeder
31.05.2007 Christian Schulz Feature-sensitive Metrik
24.05.2007 Britta Weber Energieoptimierung von Pfaden auf triangulierten Oberflächen
10.05.2007 Ulrich Bauer Kurvenapproximation mit Kreisbögen & Rekonstruktion von Tubes

Winter semester 2006/2007

11.01.2007 Klaus Hildebrandt Was das Huhn bewegt – Geometrische Energien und Verschönerung
14.12.2006 Max Wardetzky Discrete Bending Energies
23.11.2006 Felix Ballani Stochastische Geometrie - Ursprung, Grundlage, Konzepte
14.11.2006 Michael Zilske Explicit Surface Remeshing (also on boundaries)
19.09.2006 Christian Schulz Schraffuren und Texturen

Summer semester 2006

11.07.2006 Andreas Haferburg Laplacian Surface Editing
  Alex Benton Angle Deficit Traits of Developable Convex Surfaces
20.06.2006 Matthias Nieser Surface parameterization
13.06.2006 Jonas Hurrelmann MLS Surfaces
30.05.2006 Philipp Beckmann Consistent Cell Decomposition of Homeomorphic Simplicial Surfaces II
23.05.2006 Philipp Beckmann Consistent Cell Decomposition of Homeomorphic Simplicial Surfaces I
02.05.2006 Gerald Friedland SIOX (Simple Interactive Object Extraction)
28.03.2006 Ulrich Bauer Reconstruction of tubular geometries
21.03.2006 Marc Pouget Introduction to CGAL II
14.03.2006 Marc Pouget Introduction to CGAL I