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Joint FU-TAU Workshop: Shape analysis, Reconstruction and Modeling



The first joint workshop between discrete geometry groups of Freie Universität Berlin and Tel Aviv University will take place from 17.12.-20.12.2015 at Tel Aviv University. A follow-up workshop is planned for spring 2016 at FUB.

List of Talks

  • David Levin: On the approximation of a smooth 3D object using its cross-sections

  • Nira Dyn: Subdivision schemes of geometric objects

  • Elza Farkhi: Set-valued functions and geometric modeling

  • Nir Sochen: The Mumford-Shah-Beltrami framework

  • Günter Rote: Optimal triangulation of negatively curved surfaces

  • Konrad Polthier: Differential-based geometry processing

  • Konstantin Poelke: Discrete harmonic vector fields

Detailed Schedule

Time Thursday Fri
10:00-10:50          Günter Rote
11:00-11:30  Break
11:30-12:20  David Levin
12:30-13:20  Elza Farkhi
13:30-14:30  Lunch
14:30-15:20  Nira Dyn
15:30-16:00  Break
16:00-16:50  Konstantin Poelke
16:30-17:00  Start  
17:00-17:50  Konrad Polthier  Discussion
18:00-18:50  Nir Sochen  
19:15  Dinner