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Personality traits and stress in human-AI collaboration


To conduct this thesis you need experience in these areas:

  • programming to develop a tool to test (prefered: streamlit with python)
  • reading skills to dive into human-AI publications to understand your topic

Depending on the focus we choose:

  • experience in creating AI models, so that you can test a "real" AI
  • experience in conducting empirical research (study design, statistics etc.)
Academic Advisor
Human-Centered AI, Human-Centered Computing, Human Factors
B.Sc. / M. Sc.


The following description serves the purpose to shortly give you an impression of what a topic regarding these key topics could be.
If you are interested in the research question or a similar one, please contact Ulrike Schäfer for more information.

The topic is about the effect of humans personality traits in human-AI collaboration.

Key Words:

  • Human-AI collaboration
  • Decision-making
  • Agreeability (interesting personality trait)
  • Stress (situational factor) as agreeability could influence how decisions are made

Research Question (RQ):

  • Do personality traits mediate the influence of stress on task performance in human-AI collaboration?
        • Meaning: Stress seems to have an impact on decision making performance depending on the level and person, it may even be a positive effect. Depending on your literature search, it may be, that personality traits affect how people perform under stress even in a human-AI task scenario.
  • Alternative: How do personality traits and stress influence the performance in human-AI collaboration?
  • We can dicsuss together and adjust the RQ.


  • Literature research on the key words
  • Create application of a human-AI task to evaluate performance regarding your research question
  • Conduct user study with two groups under guidance of researcher
  • Analyse performance and other measures descriptively. (You will collect more data than you have to assess in detail as this study is part of a bigger project on investigating human-AI interaction.)


We will discuss together what the best method will be (online study, interview, in person etc.).

Independant variable:

  • Your participants will be in two groups: with and without *time constraint* (situational factor: inducing stress)
  • Questionnaire to assess personality traits
          • E.g., Measure with BFI (https://fetzer.org/sites/default/files/images/stories/pdf/selfmeasures/Personality-BigFiveInventory.pdf), NEO FFI (https://www.thieme-connect.com/products/ejournals/pdf/10.1055/s-2007-986199.pdf), NEO PI R (file:///Users/uschae/Downloads/Chap6TheNEOInventoriesCM%20(1).pdf)

Dependant variable: