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Lecture Series: Open Technology for an Open Society


TypeLecture Series
InstructorClaudia Müller-Birn
RoomHörsaal (T9)
StartOct 18, 2017
endFeb 14, 2018

Wednesday 18-20

You can find this lecture series on KVV here.


The aim of this interdisciplinary lecture series is to bring together different parts of science and civil society that work on the topic of open technology but, more often than not, do not communicate with each other directly. On the one hand, we want to present the results of current academic research which demonstrate the importance of open technology for our society, for example in the fields of Open Science, Open Access, and Open Hardware. On the other hand, we will introduce projects which originate in civil society, for example in the fields of Free and Open Source Software and Open Knowledge.

The starting point for this series is the assumption that openness of technology and society influence each other. We want to investigate this hypothesis, by means of exploring different academic and non-academic projects and initiatives, examine the interplay between these two areas. Together with speakers from academia and civil society, we will show different perspectives on this topic and want to initiate a discussion in which the importance of open technology and its perception in politics and society will be examined.

The series should provide a platform for discussion and exchange of experiences, research approaches and results which can lead to the birth of new ideas. We aim at promoting dialogue between academia and civil society and bringing together initiatives and interests which have up until now existed separately. We want to discuss questions concerning the future of our society. Berlin, as a digital capital, is a pioneer on the field and provides an excellent framework for such dialogue. For example, the “Berliner Erklärung” on open access to scientific knowledge is an important milestone for the Open Access Movement.

Further information on the interdisciplinary lecture series is available on our homepage:http://ot4os.imp.fu-berlin.de/.