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Research Seminar: Human-Centered Computing


InstructorClaudia Müller-Birn
RoomKönigin-Luise-Str. 24/26 120

Wednesday 14-16


The HCC research seminar provides an excellent overview of the different activities at the HCC.lab and much more. Topics, which are exciting for HCC group members as well as be state of the art research in our research field will be presented. This topic list below will be extended over the whole of the term.

Talks will be either held by HCC.lab members, BSc/MSc thesis students or by external researchers.

The seminar will provide a positive atmosphere for collaborative learning. In open discussions, new insights will be generated, and existing thoughts are questioned. In the focus of interests are not only specific topics but also the methodology of research. Thus, attendance can be beneficial, even if the topic is not in your focus.

The seminar is open to all student, but members of HCC.lab and students, who write their thesis in our group are required to attend.

Topic List

Date Time Name Topic Type
20.04.2017 __no_meeting__    
27.04.2017 +++ HCC Group Meeting +++  Internal
04.05.2017 __no_meeting__   
11.05.2017 2.15 - 3.00 PM  Jonas Oppenländer, Jesse Benjamin IKON research project presentation
18.05.2017 __no_meeting__
25.05.2017 *** public holiday ***  
01.06.2017  +++ HCC Group Meeting +++  Internal
08.06.2017  __no_meeting__
15.06.2017 3 PM Philipp Schröter Matching Software für nicht-technische Experten
(Matching Software for non-technical experts)
MSc. Thesis Defense
22.06.2017 +++ HCC Group Meeting +++  Internal
29.06.2017     __no_meeting__
06.07.2017 2.15 PM  Abderrahmane Khiat, Maximilian Mackeprang  Ideas2Market  research project presentation
13.07.2017 3 PM  Johann Strama  Automotive Chatbot  BSc. Thesis Defense
20.07.2017 +++ HCC Group Meeting +++  Internal
27.07.2017 2.15 PM  Gunagtao Zhang   tbd.  PhD status presentation