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Customers Project


InstructorMarko Harasic
Number of Places30
RoomTakustr. 9 006
StartApr 19, 2017
endJul 19, 2017

Wednesday 10-14

Student Profile

Bachelor and Master


  • P. Mangold, IT-Projektmanagement kompakt, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, 2004.
  • K. Schwaber, Agile Project Management with Scrum, Microsoft Press, 2004.
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We will practice project work, wich will be usual in professional practice. An external business partner will sign a contract with the course and will accept the final result. Planning, management and performance will be in the participants own hand. But it doesn't mean, the students will be alone. The organiser will participate in weekly meetings for answering questions, concerning the course.

Tasks for the students in the project exexution:

  • Delepoping the project idea and plan its execution
  • Analysing the requirements with a real customerund sammeln
  • Design, implementation and testing of software
  • Organising and performing presentations
  • Documentation of preject results
  • Introduction into course (Customers project)
  • Introduction into best prectices of project management
20.04.2017 Inofficial apppointment
  • Interview of applicants for project management
Harasic/ Applicant
26.04.2017 First contanct with the customer
  • Coordination and preparation of this contact (project management)
  • Presenation of tasks (customer) 11:15 Uhr
  • Requirement analysis – Part 1 (all project members and customer)
Project management/ Customer
03.05.2017 Project work Project management/ project members
10.05.2017 Contact with customer
  • Presenation of the offer (project management)
  • Decision of the offers acceptace (customer)
  • Kick-Off meeting & signing the contract (customer and project management)
Project management/ Customer
17.05.2017 Project work Project management/ project members
24.05.2017 Project work Project management/ project members
31.05.2017 Project work Projektleitung/ project members
07.06.2017 Project work Project management/ project members
14.06.2017 Project work Project management/ project members

Project work

Project management/ project members

Project work

Project management/ project members
05.07.2017 Project work Project management/ project members
12.07.2017 Presentation - Milestone
  • Final presentation for customer
  • Project acceptance
  • Begin quality ensurance phase
Project management/ Customer
19.07.2017 Presentation
  • Internal final presentation
  • Project evaluation
  • Completion of quality ensurance phase
Harasic/ Project management