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Objektorientierte Programmierung


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InstructorClaudia Müller-Birn, Barry Linnert
RoomTakustr.9 Mo 14-16: HS 01; Mi 12-14: HS 01
StartApr 19, 2017
endJul 19, 2017

Monday 14-16; Wednesday 12-14: Lecture

Monday 8-10; 2 x  Monday 10-12; Monday 12-14; Monday 16-18; Tuesday 10-12; Tuesday 12-14; Tuesday 14-16; Wednesday 8-10; Wednesday 14-16: Excercise

Student Profile



  • Concepts of Programming Languages, Robert Sebesta, Pearson Education , 10th Edition, 2012, ISBN: 0131395319
  • Data Structures & Problem Solving Using Java, Mark Allen Weiss, Addison Wesley, 4. Auflage, 2010, ISBN: 0-321-54140-5
  • Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest: Introduction to Algorithms, 3. Auflage 2009,
  • Bundle of algorithms in java, third edition, parts 1-5. Sedgewick Robert und Michael Schidlowsky. Addison-Wesley Longman, Amsterdam. 2003.

Preliminary Topics

Foundations of computability

  • universal register machines
  • syntax and operational semantics of imperative programming languages

Formal methods for the specification and verification of imperative programs

  • assertions
  • Hoare-calculus, partial correctness, termination

Imperative and object-oriented programming concepts (Java)

  • primitive and composite data types,
  • methods (procedures and functions). calling conventions, overloading
  • modules, classes, 
  • object class hierarchies, inheritance, 
  • polymorphic abstract classes, interfaces

Programming methods

  • stepwise refinement
  • divide and conquer
  • backtracking

Analysis of time and space requirements

  • O-notation
  • recursion and iteration
  • analysis of algorithms for sorting and searching
  • algorithms, data structures, data abstraction

Information for guest or side students

In order to attend this lecture as a guest or a side student please get an account at the institute of Computer Science. All exercises are provided and submitted via Sakai that can only be used with a specific account. Please check out additional information here: http://www.fu-berlin.de/studium/studienorganisation/immatrikulation/weitere-angebote/nebenhoerer/index.html