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Looking back at the HCC Retreat 2024

HCC Retreat 2024

HCC Retreat 2024
Image Credit: David Leimstädtner

News from Mar 29, 2024

Between the 18th and 20th of March the entirety of the Human-Centered-Computing workgroup met for our annual retreat, which took place at Gut Sarnow (Schorfheide). The three days were used to look back on the research work we do at the HCC, and reflect on the ways we conduct this work, but also look into the future, to identify directions and values we want to further expand on in the coming year. The central outcome of this work is a newly formulated purpose statement that communicates the goal of our research efforts at the HCC. It reads as follows:

"We at the HCC want to contribute to society by addressing evolving technological challenges through researching meaningful interaction concepts from a human-centered perspective. In our interdisciplinary research, we apply an empirical approach to examine the assumptions and implications of technologies. We are dedicated to actively involving people and engaging their diverse perspectives in our research with the aim of promoting participatory and value-based technology design. Our research strives for reproducability and is openly available and transparent to facilitate the development of approaches to scientific, societal, and individual problems for all those interested."

Beyond this, we conducted  a multi-step workshop based on the exploration of personal strengths and skills, to define and distribute roles within our research group. Beyond the whiteboards, we explored the beautiful nature surrounding the conference hotel as part of our walk-and-talk activities and tested our eye-hand coordination playing "kubb" in the backyard.

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