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Short paper on value-based citizen science participation was accepted at the Mensch und Computer (2023)

News from Jul 25, 2023

We are pleased to announce that our article on "Foregrounding Values through Public Participation: Eliciting Values of Citizens in the Context of Mobility Data Donation” (Peter Sörries, Daniel Franzen, Markus Sperl, and Claudia Müller-Birn) has been accepted at the Conference Mensch und Computer (2023).


Citizen science (CS) projects are conducted with interested volunteers and have already shown promise for large-scale scientific research. However, CS tends to cultivate the sharing of large amounts of data. Towards this, our research aims to understand better citizens' potential privacy concerns in such participation formats. We, therefore, investigate how meaningful public participation can be facilitated to foreground citizens' values regarding mobility data donation in CS. In this regard, we developed a two-step method: (1) a workshop concept for participatory value elicitation and (2) an analysis procedure to examine the empirical data collected systematically. Our findings based on three workshops provide new directions for improving data donation practices in CS.

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