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New member: Philipp Harlos

Philipp Harlos

Philipp Harlos
Image Credit: Philipp Harlos

News from Jun 22, 2023

Welcome to our new member Philipp Harlos. Philipp is now working on the ENKIS project at the HCC research group.

Philipp finished his Bachelor's in Bioinformatics and is currently further studying Bioinformatics in his Master's with a focus on Data Science. During his bachelor, he worked for a few years in the IT industry, either in the field of Quality Assurance or Software Developer. The latter job was in the context of implementing and training natural language processing models. Working in the industry he got tired of money-driven business decisions and the lack of conscientious work ethic. But now he is happy working in the field of academic research at the HCC research group.

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