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Paper on Enabling Interdisciplinary Education presented at EduCHI '22

Coding IxD paper at the EduCHI conference

Coding IxD paper at the EduCHI conference
Image Credit: Peter Sörries

News from May 05, 2022

We are pleased to announce that our paper "Coding IxD: Enabling Interdisciplinary Education by Sparking Reflection" by Peter Sörries, Judith Glaser, Claudia Müller-Birn, Thomas Ness and Carola Zwick was presented at EduCHI ’22: 4th Annual Symposium on HCI Education.

The EduCHI brings together an international community of scholars, practitioners, and researchers to shape the future of HCI education through interactive discussions about HCI education trends and challenges in diverse teaching environments. 

During this symposium, we have discussed our teaching experience in coeducating students from the disciplines of computer science (Freie Universität Berlin) and product design (Weißensee School of Art and Design Berlin) in Coding IxD.

Educating students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds is challenging. In our paper, we report on our interdisciplinary course coding interaction and design (Coding IxD), which is designed for computer science and design students alike. This course has been developed over several years by consciously deliberating on existing hurdles within the educational concept.

For further information on our publication click here.

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