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Short paper on patient-oriented data donation was accepted at the Mensch und Computer 2022

News from Aug 02, 2022

We are pleased to announce that our short paper "Unfolding Values through Systematic Guidance: Conducting a Value-Centered Participatory Workshop for a Patient-Oriented Data Donation" (David Leimstädtner, Peter Sörries, and Claudia Müller-Birn) has been accepted at the Mensch und Computer 2022.


Routinely collected clinical patient data posits a valuable resource for data-driven medical innovation. Such secondary data use for medical research purposes is dependent on the patient’s consent. To gain an understanding of the patients’ values and needs regarding medical data donations, we developed a participatory workshop method, integrating approaches from value-sensitive and reflective design to explore patients’ values and translate them into hypothet- ical, ideal design solutions. The data gathered in the workshop are used to derive practicable design requirements for patient-oriented data donation technologies. In this paper, we introduce the work- shop process and evaluate its application.

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