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Apply now to take part in the "Visualizing Open Access Summer School" from Sept 06 - 17, 2021

Summer School "Visualizing Open Access"

Summer School "Visualizing Open Access"

News from Jun 07, 2021

Apply now to the “Visualizing Open Access Summer School” that will take place from 06 – 17 September 2021. The summer school will focus on visualizing open access in Germany and beyond to raise awareness of this transformation in academic publishing. This summer school aims at providing students with an introduction to principles and methods of information visualization combined with an opportunity to apply general principles to specific visualization designs to exemplary use cases such as Open Access Bundesländer-Atlas. Lectures with experts from the fields of human-computer interaction, information science, and interface design from the cooperating institutions cover the topics of the fundamentals of information visualization e.g. mapping data to visual variables, and techniques for visualizing multidimensional, relational and textual data as well as an introduction to the concept of open access. Students will closely collaborate in small, interdisciplinary teams.

The HCC Research Group co-organizes the summer school together with Fachhochschule Potsdam, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin and the Open-Access-Büro Berlin acting on behalf of the BMBF funded project open-access.network. Furthermore, the Vernetzungs- und Kompetenzstelle zu Open Access in Brandenburg will also be involved in the summer school.

More information can be found on the summer school's website.

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