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Prof. Müller-Birn's Interview in Study: "People and Technology Interacting" published by the Digital Autonomy Hub

Study by the Digital Autonomy Hub

Study by the Digital Autonomy Hub

News from Nov 29, 2021

The Digital Autonomy Hub published the study "Mensch und Technik in Interaktion. Wie gelingt individuelle digitale Souveränität?" (People and technology interacting. How can individual digital sovereignty be achieved?) including an interview with Prof. Müller-Birn.


How does individual digital sovereignty succeed, and what role do interactions between people and technology play in it? The new study by the Digital Autonomy Hub shows what concerns and hopes people in Germany have in their everyday use of technology.

Experts from various disciplines reflect the representative survey results: they show individual and societal possibilities for responsible use of data, applications, and devices, look at different ways to build competencies and present innovative ideas for human-technology interaction. The publication is available for download at https://digitalautonomy.net/studie.

The Digital Autonomy Hub is a competence center that coordinates an interdisciplinary network on digital sovereignty in human-technology interaction. The Digital Autonomy Hub is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and realized by Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI) and AlgorithmWatch.

Prof. Müller-Birn contributed to this study by an interview:

Interview with Prof. Müller-Birn

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