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New project funding confirmed: »enkis«

enkis project

enkis project

News from Jul 12, 2021

The Human-Centered Computing (HCC) Research Group is pleased to announce that funding for the project »enkis« has been confirmed with a start date of fall 2021. The joint project is rolled out under the coordination of the Computing Education Research Group (Prof. Dr. Ralf Romeike) and in collaboration with the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research Group (Prof. Dr. Eirini Ntoutsi) and the HCC Research Group (Prof. Dr. Claudia Müller-Birn) at the Institute of Computer Science. The goal of the project »enkis« is to establish sustainable study programs for responsible artificial intelligence at the Freie Universität Berlin.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a central topic in computer science research, and its development has lasting implications for society. Recent advances in AI research and application have raised many expectations about its potential role in solving major challenges, such as climate change, healthcare and crisis management. Despite promising developments, there is a growing concern about undesirable and even serious effects of AI-based technologies – including discrimination, invasion of privacy, or manipulation of choice. In view of these risks and concerns, computer science faculties across Europe are facing the challenge of reorganizing their curricula. The overall goal is to work towards a European perspective of responsible informatics that not only focuses on teaching the technological foundations of AI, but also how to analyze, understand and mitigate the social, ethical and legal implications of AI-based technologies.

Based on these considerations, the project »enkis« will strengthen the teaching of AI-related topics in computer science education at the Freie Universität Berlin. This is done with a pronounced focus on fostering ‘critical reflection’ among future professionals, scientists and non-technical experts regarding existing approaches and limitations as well as potentials in AI. In addition, this focus in education and teaching will be extended to non-informatics disciplines and to the qualification of future teachers. Milestones of this project include the conception and implementation of didactically innovative courses in the field of AI, the further development of existing AI-related courses based on the research and teaching focus "Responsible Artificial Intelligence", and the expansion of didactic expertise in the research-guided design of courses on digitization, data literacy and AI.

The project »enkis« is funded within the framework of the »Federal and State Initiative to Promote Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education«. More information about this initiative as well as an overview of the funded universities can be found here (only available in German).

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