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Another paper accepted at the "Mensch und Computer 2017"

News from Jul 13, 2017

The paper with the title "Enabling Cyber-Physical Research Practice based on Mixed Reality" by Anouk Hoffmeister, Florian Berger, Michael Pogorzhelskiy, Guangtao Zhang, Carola Zwick and Claudia Müller-Birn was accepted at the "10. Workshop Be-greifbare Interaktion" the "Mensch und Computer" conference 2017.

The conference will take place 10.-13. September in Regensburg.


Scientific practice has benefited greatly from advances in technology, yet those fields working directly with tangible objects still experience several limitations in respect to connecting their digital resources to their immediate analog methods. Taking into account recent developments in Mixed Reality technology, this article proposes a novel research environment regarding research processes with physical objects. First, it elaborates on the synthesis of organizational learning, object-centred annotation and Mixed Reality. Second, it presents a prototype that blends analog annotation practices with a digital counterpart. And finally it concludes by extrapolating on potential benefits of supporting such a cyber-physical research environment with web technology.

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