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Paper accepted at SocInfo'16

News from Aug 21, 2016

Congratulations to Cuong To Tu and Prof. Dr. Claudia Müller-Birn! Their paper, "Applicability of Sequence Analysis Methods in Analyzing Peer-Production Systems: A Case Study In Wikidata", was accepted at SocInfo 2016.

The conference SocInfo 2016 (http://usa2016.socinfo.eu) will take place in Seattle, November 14-17.


Building a shared understanding of a specific area of interest is of increasing importance in today’s information-centric world. A shared understanding of a domain can be realized by building a structured knowledge base about it collaboratively. Our research is driven by the goal to understand participation patterns over time in collaborative knowledge building efforts. Consequently, we focus our study on one representative project –Wikidata.Wikidata is a free, structured knowledge base that provides structured data to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. This paper builds upon previous research, where we identified six common participation patterns, i.e. roles, in Wikidata. In the research presented here, we study the applicability of sequence analysis methods by analyzing the dynamics in users’ participation patterns. The sequence analysis is judged by its ability to answer three questions: (i) “Are there any preferable role transitions in Wikidata?”; (ii) “What are the dominant dynamic participation patterns?”; (iii) “Are users who join earlier more turbulent contributors?” Our data set includes participation patterns of about 20,000 users in each month from October 2012 to October 2014.

We show that sequence analysis methods are able to infer interesting role transitions in Wikidata, find dominant dynamic participation patterns, and make statistical inferences. Finally, we also discuss the significance of these results with respect to the understanding of the participation process in Wikidata.

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