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Generating Trust in Collaborative Annotation Environments

News from Aug 16, 2016

Congratulations to Jamal Al Qundus ! His paper, "Generating Trust in Collaborative Annotation Environments", was accepted at OpenSym'16.

The conference OpenSymp '16 will take place in Berlin, August 16-19.


The main goal of this work is to create a model of trust which can be considered as a reference for developing applications oriented on collaborative annotation. Such a model includes design parameters inferred from online communities operated on collaborative content. This study aims to create a static model, but it could be dynamic or more than one model depending on the context of an application. An analysis on Genius as a peer production community was done to understand user behaviors. This study characterizes user in-teractions based on the differentiation between Lightweight Peer Production (LWPP) and Heavyweight Peer Production (HWPP). It was found that more LWPP- interactions take place in the lower levels of this system. As the level in the role system increases, there will be more HWPP- interactions. This can be explained as LWPP-interacions are straightforward, while HWPP-interations demand more agility by the user. These provide more opportunities and therefore attract other users for further interactions.

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