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Human-Centered Computing

The Human-Centered Computing (HCC) Research Group‘s mission is to embrace a critical practice in the design of socially responsible technologies that enable a collaboration between humans and machines.

The HCC Research Group stands for an interdisciplinary team in the field of collaborative computing and human-computer interaction. We want to advance the research and design of socially responsible technologies by studying the entanglements of data, algorithms, and human activity to enable human-machine collaboration.

Our current research focuses on technologies from the areas of machine learning, privacy, and conversational interfaces. We understand these technologies as sociotechnical systems and situate them in specific contexts of use. We reflect on the impact of our designs by employing a critical practice

Our often theory-driven research includes both an empirical and an engineering dimension. The HCC Research Group is a creative, reflective and open environment. All team members are committed to open-source software, open science, and free access to knowledge.

Head of the group: Prof. Dr. Claudia Müller-Birn