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Joint Commission Data Science

The Joint Commission Data Science (GK) is composed of representatives of the two organising departments (Mathematics & Computer Science and Education & Psychology). The committee is organized in a ratio of 7:2:2:2 from the status groups of professors, scientific staff, other staff and student representatives.

Their tasks include organisation and development of the course programme, appointment of other boards, monitoring development of existing regulations (e.g. study regulations) and making decisions on all fundamental questions of the study program. The GK meets at regular intervals (once per semester or more frequently) to discuss problems and developments in the program.

The Joint Commission is, of course, bound by higher-level regulations and laws of the university and higher authorities.

Members of Joint Commission Data Science (deputy members in brackets)


  • Tim Conrad – Head (Christof Schütte)
  • Dirk Ostwald – Deputy Head (Hauke Heekeren)
  • Alexander Bockmayr (Heike Siebert)
  • Katinka Wolter (Jochen Schiller)
  • Wolfgang Mulzer (Agnes Voisard)
  • Knut Reinert (Günter Rothe)
  • Steffi Pohl (Micheal Eid)

Academic Staff:

  • Sandro Andreotti (Chris Bielow)
  • Adrian Fischer (Timo Torsten Schmidt)

Other Staff:

  • Sera Rene Zentiks (Ulrike Geiger)
  • Ulrike Seyferth (Stefanie Bahe)


  • Franziska Usee (Jana Starke)
  • Hyeonju Bae (Anastasiia Todoshchuk)