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How do I fill out the self-disclosure form?

You do not need to enter the application number if you have not yet received one.

If your course credits are not in ECTS: Please base the conversion of your classes on the workload of the individual courses, not on the grade. Up to 30 ECTS can be earned per semester of full-time study.
One ECTS corresponds to approximately 30 hours of work (attendance time, preparation and follow-up, exam preparation and examination).
Example: If you have attended 6 courses in one year of full-time study, all of which required approximately the same amount of work, you can declare up to 10 ECTS per course, provided you have passed all of them.

Please submit the completed form with your other documents.

Those who have completed the bachelor's degree program in Bioinformatics at FU do not need to fill out the form. Only for students who have completed a longer internship (Berufspraktikum) or can prove other practical experience, it may be worthwhile to indicate this under: 2.2. Practical Experience.