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S01. Mathematical Logic: Aleksandra Kwiatkowska, Sandra Müller

S02. Algebra and Number Theory: Claudia Alfes-Neumann, Christopher Voll

S03. Algebraic Geometry: Ariyan Javanpeykar, Thomas Krämer

S04. Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis: Jan Metzger, Christian Bär

S05. Discrete Mathematics: Christian Haase, Thorsten Theobald

S06. Topology and Geometry: Marc Kegel, Nathaniel Bottman, Markus Land, Lukas Lewark

S07. Functional Analysis, Real and Complex Analysis: Agnes Radl, Anke Kalauch

S08. Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems: Mathias Wilke, Isabelle Schneider

S09. Applied Analysis and Partial Differential Equations: Agnes Lamacz-Keymling, Barbara Zwicknagl

S10. Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computing: Mira Schedensack, Caroline Lasser

S11. Discrete and Nonlinear Optimization: Andrea Walther, Martin Skutella

S12. Probability, Computational Stochastics, and Financial Mathematics: Ana Djurdjevac, Claudia Schillings, Nicolas Perkowski

S13. Mathematical Statistics, Data Science and Machine Learning: Tim Conrad, Moritz Schubotz

S14. History and Didactics of Mathematics: Andreas Filler



The lectures of the sections will take place in seminar rooms of the
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
in Arnimallee 6, Arnimallee 7, and Takustr. 9
(see the upcoming program for details).


External support:

Markus Land and Lukas Lewark provided financial support for a speaker in Section 6.