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A short tutorial for VPN connection at the Faculty of Computer Science and Faculty of Mathematics.
The VPN connection is necessary to get connected with resourecs of the faculty like printer and shares via WLAN connection or the green signed network outlet.

Quick guide VPN connection

Protocol Server User Password
PPTP <username> VPN-Password

Step-by-step tutorial

  • Open the Applications directory and start the Internet application.

  • Select MILan from Network-Pulldown-Menu and click on VPN from toolbar.

  • For your first VPN connection you can choose between L2TP over IPSec and PPTP. At the moment we only support PPTP.

  • In the Server address input field enter Enter your username in the Account name input field and your VPN-Password from MIPortal in the Password input field.

  • Save your VPN settings. For example as "VPN MILan".

  • Click on this symbol in the status bar. In the opening menu select VPN MILan. Click again and this time choose Connect.

  • After your connect successfully to your VPN connection a time counter begins in the status bar.

Import the XML-config file in

After the download you should edit the XML file and replace username with your accountname. Otherwise you can change the username in the window.

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