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The WebNewsBox Topic


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This topic explains how to use the WebNewsBox feature.

  1. First create a topic that you would like to display in a web news box.
  2. Put the following code at the position where your would like the box to appear on the right side. Make sure to replace ---YOUR TOPIC NAME--- with the name of the topic that you want to display in the box.
          * Set USERLAYOUTURL =  %PUBURL%/Main/WebNewsBox/newsbox.css
    <div class="newsBox">
  3. If everything works alright. It should look like this topic.


  • Be aware of the interaction with the toc/page-title extension. So place the code-snippet below the top-level ---+ / header.
  • You can use STARTINCLUDE and STOPINCLUDE to limit the range of the inclusion.

-- ChristopherOezbek - 10 Jan 2005


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