Mini Manual for LiSA (light edition)

This page describes how to install and extend the LiSA library. This manual will be updated on demand. Here is a list of revisions:

27 Jun, 16:40 1.0 first version


Download lisalight.tgz and unpack. This creates the directory lisa-light with incl, lib, src, bin, and other subdirectories.

An important file in this directory is user_configs, which contains site-dependent instructions for the compile process, eg, link and include paths of external libraries LiSA uses. For the purpose of this practical course, you will not need most of them, so it is safe to delete the paths in case there are problems compiling. To do so, just delete the path, but not the -L or -I, ie,

LEDA_IPATH = -I/import/mathlife/LEDA_32_344/incl

should be changed to


ans so on.

warning After each change of user_configs you have to call

./lconfig g++-3.4 user_configs

make del

where g++3.4 denotes the compiler (this may be changed according to your installation. There are, however, problems with g++ >= 4.

If anything is ok,

make fold


make david

creates the demofold and david examples in the bin directory.

Otherwise please send an e-mail to Gunnar with the output of the compiler.

Extending the library

Ask Gunnar. There will be more information once the first questions have been asked.


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