Master's Thesis: Peptide Sequencing Using Mathematical Programming

This page is related to the thesis project "Peptide Sequencing Using Mathematical Programming "


topic Peptide Sequencing Using Mathematical Programming
student Sandro Andreotti
official start 19 Jun 2007
official end 18 Dec 2007
main advisor Dr. Gunnar W. Klau
2nd reviewer Prof. Dr. Paul Wrede

General rules and agreements

We will meet once a week unless agreed on otherwise.

General information about MSc theses in bioinformatics at FU Berlin can be found here.

Goal of the thesis

The goal is to develop, implement, and evaluate a novel concept for de novo peptide sequencing and spectral alignment based on antisymmetric paths in the spectrum graph.


I encourage writing theses in English language. This is no strict rule, however. Presentation quality and clarity are more important than sticking to this recommendation. There is a vast amount of literature on good scientific writing. Here are just a few examples:

tip Remark: Perhaps more than other advisors, I appreciate reading clearly structured theses and the absence of grammatical and spelling mistakes. This holds true even for early draft versions of the thesis.


The final grade will largely be based on the written thesis. More precisely, the composition of the final grade is as follows: 70% thesis, 20% implementation and documentation, 10% presentations, collaboration, progress.

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