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Fusch ICS

This site describes the Fusch Internet Chess Server for the FuSC# project. See the official homepage for further information for FuSC#. This page only contains information and projects associated with the internet chess server (short ICS).


FuSC# is the computer chess project at the Freie Universität Berlin computersience faculty. This project is part of the artifical intelligence group. Within this project a online chess server is offered to publish and test the chess engine FuSC#. The chess server is public available and registration is free of charge. If you are a chess player you can participate in playing with the various FuSC# engines and help to make them stronger.


$ 2009-05-17:
    • The server is available again. Please remember the new server name:
      Soon the server will be available from outside the campus network.

-- FrankJeschke - 17 May 2009

  • finaly a warning system is installed, so on a server crash the admins are notified. The server shouldn't be longer than 24 hours down (since someone authoritative reads his mail wink )

-- FrankJeschke - 13 Sep 2006


-- FrankJeschke - 05 May 2006


-- FrankJeschke

  • Homepage and server migration completed. Now the FuSC# homepage is available at and the server informations are published again.
  • Initialisation of this wiki page.

-- FrankJeschke


  • 2006-05-13:
    Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft
    • Simultaneous Chess Matches (Competitor: tba)
    • Three (!) online tournaments with FuSC# ( Server registration required)
      • Times: 18:00, 20:00 and 22:00 Uhr (MESZ)
      • Location: computer pool in the left patio




  • Frank Jeschke - ICS Head Admin
  • Marco Block - FuSC# project leader
  • Andre Rauschenbach
  • Sebastian Dill
  • ((to be completed))

Associated projects

The following projects are associated with the ICS project.

Lasker: Chess Server

The chess server is based on the original Lasker source code.

The server can be connected at ics://, Port: 32000 with any ICS capable online chess client (e.g. X-/Winboard, see links below) or our Java Client (see below). Everybody can login as guest, for registration send a email to with username (your nick), realname (please first and surname) and your actual email address. You wil receive as soon as possible your activation password via mail, which you should clearly change as soon as possible. Please be patient as long as we register new players by hand.

See the tutorial on the FuSC# serverhomepage for a short introduction on login and playing on the server.

Gambit: Observer Bot

Gambit observes all server activities and let the information published on the server website. So registered players, actual logged in players, runnning games and much more is provided.

Gambit is programmed in Perl. This bot is still a work in progress.

HAL: Tournament Bot

The server bot HAL manages all tournaments on the server. HAL is programmed in C and is delivered with the Lasker ICS (known as mamer).

Java Client

This is another development of the FuSC# group. With this client chess players all over the world can play chess on our server with a comfortable webinterface.

Connection Between ICS and FuSC# Homepage

The information for the website are primary distributed by Gambit. But there are some informations Gambit can not access. A set of shell scripts are develped to fill this missing part. These scripts are regular called by cron(8).

The following code snippet shows the actual (2006-03-22) crontab setting.
0 * * * *               $FUSCHICS/bin/
* * * * *               $FUSCHICS/bin/fusch-mkrank
0,15,30,45 * * * *      $FUSCHICS/bin/spool_sendmail
0 6 * * *               $FUSCHICS/bin/
0 * * * *               $FUSCHICS/bin/

The Scripts
this little wrapper script updates the table of registered players.

this script updates the ranking tables of the players.

every quarter hour the server mails are send by the local mail damon.

once a day the serverlog is scanned and fatal errors are mailed.
checks if the chessserver (chessd), gambit and/or hal (mamer) are still alive. If one of these programs isn't running anymore a mail to is sent to notify the server administrators.


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