Fallpits when exporting to PostScrip

Some JV settings that prevent proper PostScript export when enabled. That is, the export will still work, but it will include an image in the PS rather than a vector graphic. The known causes are

  • Transparency
  • Z-Buffer
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Texture

Anti-aliasing is an option for the rasterizer and should be irrelevant for vector graphics export. Indeed if Z-Buffer is disabled vector graphics export works with anti-aliasing switched on. When zBuffer is enabled then EPS/PS will export an image, otherwise largely vector commands. Transparency is an issue though. SVG could handle this but for PS this seems to be a little more delicate. There is no way to get transparency, texture, 3d-look outside of zBuffer mode.

Only known solution is to render the image at a very high resolution.


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