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In this seminar we will present original work in Computational biology as well as progress reports from PhD students.

Master students will present their MSc thesis plans and results or report about their ''Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum''.

This term, credits cannot be given out for the Journal Club but students are invited to attend the seminar and hold presentations nevertheless.



We meet on Wednesdays, 10am (c.t.) in room T9 051.

From now on the journal club will be given on Wednesdays as we have a collision on Mondays.

Date Speaker Title
25. 04. 11 Manuel Holtgrewe RazerS 2: Engineering a string-filter based read mapper
02. 05. 11 - -
09. 05. 11 Lars Langner Diploma Thesis
16. 05. 11 Holger Schmeisky Approximate String Matching
  Birte Kehr Hierarchical Segment-Based Alignment (Test talk for BREW)
23. 05. 11 Jialu Hu On complexity of graph canonical labeling
30. 05. 11 Sandro Andreotti tbd
  Leon Kuchenbecker tbd
06. 06. 11 Chris Bielow tbd
  Holger Schmeisky BSc Thesis final
13. 06. 11 Stephan Aiche Capturing Proteolytic Activity in Mass Spectrometry Measurements (Test talk for conference)
22. 06. 11 Anne-Katrin Emde Indel Variant Detection
29. 06. 11 Mike Love CNV detection from exome sequencing data
06. 07. 11 Enrico Siragusa tbd
  Rene Märker MSc thesis
13. 07. 11 Holger Schmeisky Approximate Hamming Distance String Matching (BSc Thesis)


Some useful guides on how to give a good seminar talk:
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