Reliable joint simulations for orthopaedic decision making in hip surgery (A-CH16)



Prof. Dr. Ralf Kornhuber

Dr. Stefan Zachow

Dr. Jonathan Youett

Financial support:

This research is carried out in the framework of Matheon supported by Einstein Foundation Berlin.


Jun 01, 2017 — Dec 31, 2018

This project aims at estimating the unknown parameters of a physics-based joint model together with a systematic sensitivity analysis, to ensure the reliability of a computer-assisted surgery planning tool developed in previous Matheon projects A17/CH1. The estimation shall be carried out using a Bayesian approach in combination with reduced basis methods to achieve feasible computing times. This calibration of the model will be accompanied by a clinical validation based on real patient data, in cooperation with the Orthopaedic Research Center of the university hospital Stavanger.