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Seminar on Visualization

LIDAR Data Processing

In recent years, more and more LIDAR (Light detection and ranging) data was created and made publicly available for reserach. The vast amount and large size of the data sets poses new challenges and requirements on corresponding tools and software. For example, large parts of Germany are available as 3D point clouds, obtained by LIDAR technology.

In this seminar we explore all parts of the LIDAR processing pipeline. We start by looking at the accquisition of LIDAR data. Several talks will deal with data structures to efficiently store, access, and manipulate the data sets. Finally, we will consider several algorithms for feature detection, smoothing, and statistical evaluation.

Course language is German, but can be switched to English if requested by the participants.


InstructorProf. Dr. Konrad Polthier, Henriette Lipschütz, Eric Zimmermann
RoomArnimallee 6 SR 108/109
StartOct 16, 2017
endFeb 17, 2018

Preliminary Meeting: Tuesday, 17.10.2017, 10-12, room: A6 108/109

Dates during Semester: Every Tuesday, 17.10.2017 - 13.02.2018, 10-12, room: A6 108/109

Student Profile

Students in the Bachelor's program, preparation for Bachelor thesis.

Students in the Master's program may take credit of this seminar.


Will be given during the preliminary discussion.