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Industry Cooperations

Design Research Exchange (DRX 2012)


The first Design Research Exchange (DRX 2012) takes place in Berlin 16.07.12 through 07.09.12. Participants of the DRX 2012 include four invited DRX Experts and nine invited DRX Researchers with backgrounds in architecture, engineering, mathematics, and computer programming. The topic of exploration for the DRX 2012 is Minimal Surface High-Rise Structures. The DRX 2012 Opening (16 July) and Final Exhibition (7 September) comprise two public events.


2011 - 2012

The aim of this project is the development of state of the art visualization methods for semantically marked-up data in interdisciplinary applications, with a focus on data that comes from analyzed and preprocessed patent documents using the Teles "Facts Screening & Transforming Processor" (FSTP) strategy. This includes the development of geometrically motivated algorithms on networks with a view towards their efficient implementation and interface design to provide real-time ...

Research in Industrial Projects (RIPS 2010): "Surface Optimization using Graphics Card" (joint with IPAM and mental images)


Surface meshes obtained from a 3D laser-scanner typically include high-frequency noise and distortions due to scanning inaccuracies. Special discrete variants of anisotropic mean curvature flows have proven to remedy noise artifacts while maintaining or even improving quality of the surface mesh. Industrial surface models typically have a large number of variable nodes leading to long running times. This project will investigate to accelerate the compute time by using the latest Cuda library. ...



Topology optimization solves the problem of optimally distributing a given amount of material in a given design space subject to load and support conditions. An important application is the design of stable and lightweight mechanical parts. In manufacturing, sheet metal is a preferred material. Therefore, a desired goal is to incorporate the information obtained by topology optimization into the design of parts made of sheet metal. We identify planar regions in an optimal distribution of ...


2006 - 2007

Laser range scanners allow highly accurate measurement of manufaturing parts such as tubes. However, generic surface reconstruction software does not give the specific information needed for quality assurance and cannot provide correction data for the tube bending process. Our aim is to find a tubular geometry which fits best with the measured data. Segmentation of point cloud data Parametric registration of geometric primitives Real-time processing of sampling data We provide ...

Tebis AG

2004 - 2007

Class-A denotes the highest quality standard for industrial surfaces such as a car body. The characterization and computation of Class-A surface involve serious mathematical challenges: Mathematical characterization of Class-A surfaces. Non-linear energy functionals and error bounds based on geometric properties. Real-time optimization methods for CAD modeling processes. We offer software solutions for mesh optimization - preserving non-linear features and providing noise removal ...

mental images

2004 - 2005

Numerical simulations and the rendering of complex virtual scenes is often limited by the huge size of the involved geometry meshes. This project researches the geometric and topological properties of mesh representations to solve the following challenges: An efficient and redundant-free representation of 3D geometry meshes. Fast online transfer of 3D data sets. Toolbox for rapid compression and decompression. We develop algorithms and implementations for mesh compression, ...