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Mathematical Geometry Processing

We analyze digital geometric shapes and develop a broad spectrum of new mathematical concepts in discrete and continuous differential geometry, numerical optimization, and mathematical visualization.

In various industrial cooperations we work on key problems in reverse engineering and digital geometry processing. We develop powerful software libraries for industrial applications and mathematical teaching.  

News from our recent Spin-off companies

Remeshing any object for any application 

The need for automation in the world-wide manufacturing industry has increased strongly in recent years. Through almost all industries, companies are trying to improve internal processes in order to save time and costs to remain competitive. In particular, the production of safety-relevant products are increasingly using computer assisted techniques, known as computer-aided engineering (CAE), before they going to production. Not only the design, but also physical properties are simulated and improved upfront. But even by using these mathematically complex computer simulations, it still takes a lot of manual work for the engineers to prepare and preprocess those CAE simulation to get reliable results.

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Profund designby.me

DesignBy.Me UG
New algorithms for your own design

In germany are currently more than 500 companies offering the possibility to order customer-designed products in the internet. But when the customer becomes a designer it is necessary to have a good tool and idea how the final product should look like, before the order. The project designby.me wants to solve this problem with the 3D-Visualization software "JavaView", which got developed at the department of mathematics and computer science of the Freie Universität Berlin.

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Profund Trinckle 3D

trinckle 3D
3D-Print made simple

The project Trinckle aims to enable private customers to benefit from the advantages of modern 3D printing technology. Within an online marketplace, people will be able to share and personalize 3D models and products that then can be ordered from the Trinckle printout service. In order to improve the access to high quality 3D models, the Trinckle team is developing a novel software system, that enables customers to generate individual 3D models for sharing or printing without the need of any ...

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Profund Laubwerk

Laubwerk GmbH
Digital botany for digital architecture and movie

Laubwerk, founded in April 2010 and supported by an EXIST-grant, enables for the first time architects and landscape architects to get the full variety of plant life on their computer. The Laubwerk team developed a novel technology in combination with a skeleton-based storage format and a software library to flexibly build geometries for 3D plant models. This allows the user to fluently work with 3D plants in a preview mode and guarantees high-end visualization in a breathtaking quality.

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