Seminar Algebraische Geometrie

On Monday, 5th December

Joshua Jackson (Oxford) will give a talk on

Variation of Non-reductive GIT Quotients via the U-hat Theorem

Abstract: One of the salient features of Geometric Invariant Theory is the dependence of the quotient on an additional parameter, a so-called choice of linearisation. It has long been known that the parameter space has a  wall-and-chamber' structure, leading to wall-crossing phenomena which give different interrelated birational models of the quotient. After giving a brief introduction to the classical, i.e. reductive, GIT picture, I will talk about recent developments in non-reductive GIT, explaining how the 'U-hat' theorem allows us, in favourable conditions, to recover many of the good properties enjoyed in the reductive setting.

The talk will take place  in room 119, Arnimallee 3 at 16:15.

Schedule and Abstracts: winter semester 2016
Forschungsseminar "Algebraische Geometrie" an der HU