Seminar Algebraische Geometrie

On Monday, 23rd January

Jarek  Buczyński (Warsaw) will give a talk on

 Maps of Mori Dream Spaces

Abstract: Any rational map between affine spaces or projective spaces can be described in terms of their (homogeneous) coordinates. Toric Varieties and Mori Dream Spaces are classes of algebraic varieties for which there exists a sensible analogue of homogeneous coordinate ring. I will present how to obtain a description of a rational map of Mori Dream Spaces (or Toric Varieties) in terms of such coordinate rings. More precisely (in the case of regular maps) I will show there exists a finite extension of the coordinate ring of the source, such that the regular map lifts to a morphism from the Cox ring of the target to the finite extension. Moreover the extension only involves roots of homogeneous elements. Such a description of the map can be applied in practical computations.
The talk is based on my joint works with Gavin Brown and Oskar Kedzieski, and also on the master thesis of Tomasz Mandziuk.

The talk will take place  in room 119, Arnimallee 3 at 16:15.

Schedule and Abstracts: winter semester 2016
Forschungsseminar "Algebraische Geometrie" an der HU