Current Projects

Compressed Sensing Algorithms for Structured Massive MIMO

Jun 01, 2016

Massive MIMO, i.e., very large scale multiuser multi-antenna technology, is widely expected to play a fundamental role in meeting the target performance of the future generation of wireless/cellular networks, commonly indicated as ``5G’’. The key idea is that by scaling up the number of jointly processed antennas at the infrastructure side (i.e., in the base stations), the wireless channel, notoriously affected by random propagation effects, converges to a deterministic limit in which the ...

Model-Predictive Cyber-Physical-Networking

The research proposal Model-Predictive Cyber-Physical Networking aims at creating a framework of model predictive cyber-physical networking, which extends principles and properties known in the control community under the term model predictive control (MPC) to cyber-physical systems (CPS) with explicit representation of the communication network. The ability of MPC to predict and incorporate planned future behavior (and corresponding deviations thereof) into the design of feedback controllers ...


Jun 05, 2017

The provision of a “5G Advanced” (pro) evolved air interface solution, optimized with an E2E perspective, is the focus of this project proposal called ONE5G (E2E-aware Optimizations and advancements for the Network Edge of 5G New Radio). The overall goal towards which ONE5G will strive is to design the evolution of the 5G system and build consensus in 3GPP on the proposed promising extensions beyond Release 15, in order to meet the demands of megacities and underserved areas in a ...


Jan 24, 2017

PhasmaFOOD is an EU-funded H2020 project that represents a strong consortium of nine leading food security, sensing technologies and information technology stakeholders in Europe. PhasmaFOOD is working on the development, demonstration and exploitation of a miniaturized smart integrated system that will be able to detect food hazards, spoilage and food fraud through heterogeneous micro-scale photonics. The connected device will be integrated with a parameterized, knowledge-based, software ...

RACOON: Waveform design for Machine Type Communications

Waveform design for Machine Type Communications is a joint international project with Korea. <More deails to appear soon>


Sep 14, 2017 — Feb 29, 2020

SecureFog is a comprehensive research project that aims to develop, evaluate and implement security solutions ( algorithms, protocols, APIs) for the Fog layer. The core concept of the Fog layer is to extend the functionalities of the Cloud closer to the end devices to handle the volume, variety, and velocity of IoT data. The project is to offer innovative hardware and software based security mechanism to ensure data integrity, anonymity and authenticity based on the prior research knowledge and ...

Security in the context of future communication challenges and compressive sensing

Nov 01, 2015

The proposal suggests a concerted effort to tackle and resolve key challenges in the development of communication technologies—examining physical layers of security in future mobile phone and quantum technologies that offer the perspective of unconditionally secure communication. It exploits and further develops methods of compressed sensing as the main “hammer” to be used. The proposal brings together significant expertise from electrical engineering and mobile phone communication, ...