Model-Predictive Cyber-Physical-Networking

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Joint project (Wu 598/9-1) with Prof. O. Stursberg, Control and System Theory, University of Kassel, applied, accepted

The research proposal Model-Predictive Cyber-Physical Networking aims at creating a framework of model predictive cyber-physical networking, which extends principles and properties known in the control community under the term model predictive control (MPC) to cyber-physical systems (CPS) with explicit representation of the communication network. The ability of MPC to predict and incorporate planned future behavior (and corresponding deviations thereof) into the design of feedback controllers makes it a natural candidate for a unified framework, which includes the prediction of network effects and controls, communication and the physical part of the CPS with similar means. Conversely, the approach in this proposal enables the network itself to generate planned or predicted trajectories based on criteria beyond simple throughput and interact in this way with the MPC controller which is a truly new approach. In addition, recent advances on communication protocols and on distributed and predictive control reveal surprising conceptual similarities in such intertwined design approach. By unifying models, design principles, system properties, and performance measures from the domains of communication and control theory into one consistent framework, this project targets the core of the research priority program SPP 1914.