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19209716 Forschungsseminar Geometrie und Topologie

Winter Term 2020/2021

Prof. Dr. Holger Reich - Prof. Dr. Elmar Vogt - Dr. Gabriel Angelini-Knoll

  • Time and place: Monday,  2pm -- 4pm, online

Content: Talks by masters and Phd students about ongoing work and selected research topics as well as guest talks.

This winter term our selected research topic will cover the field of
Higher Symmetry
The theory of higher categories provides new perspectives on problems in homotopy theory and homological algebra. Notably, it has been used to resolve several open conjectures in algebraic K-theory. The use of higher categories to study problems in equivariant homotopy theory is relatively new, but it has already led to some important advances such as work of Clausen-Mathew-Naumann-Noel on the Ausoni-Rognes red-shift conjectures, Nikolaus-Scholze and Quigley-Shah on cyclotomic spectra, and work of Calmes et al. on algebraic surgery theory. The goal of this research seminar is to build the necessary foundations in equivariant higher algebra with an eye towards descent in algebraic K-theory, cyclotomic spectra, and algebraic surgery theory.  


15.09. THR of group rings Vincent Boelens
22.09. TC for group rings of cyclic groups Vincent Boelens

at 2pm sharp

THR, Witt vectors, and norms Gabriel Angelini-Knoll

guest talk:


at 3pm

Finitely F-amenable actions and decomposition complexity of groups David Rosenthal
St. John's Univ.

two guest talks:

27.10. Chromatic localisations of algebraic K-theory Markus Land
Univ. of Copenhagen
28.10. Hermitian K-theory for stable infinity-categories Markus Land
Univ. of Copenhagen
02.11.  preliminary discussion Gabriel Angelini-Knoll
09.11.  Restriction as base change Gabriel Angelini-Knoll

guest talk:


at 3:30pm

Real cyclotomic spectra J.D. Quigley
(Cornell U.)
23.11. Family of subgroups and geometric fixed points Georg Lehner
30.11. Borel equivariant spectra Daniel Krupa
07.12. High cohomology of arithmetic groups Peter Patzt
14.12. no talk  
04.01. Parametrized higher categories Gabriel Angelini-Knoll
11.01. Lower Algebraic K-theory of finite Groups Georg Lehner
18.01. Spectra over finite groupoids Alexander Müller
25.01. Spectra over finite groupoids continued Alexander Müller
01.02. The map  K0 ZG --> K0 QG  for infinite groups Georg Lehner
08.02. cancelled  
15.02. Families and Recollements Georg Lehner
02.03. The geometric locus theorem Vincent Boelens