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The root groups of special Moufang sets

23.08.2007 | 16:15

Frau Dr. Barbara Baumeister lädt ein:

 Abstract:    A Moufang set is a doubly transitive permutation group   G   on a set   X   with    |X| \ge 3,   such that the point stabilizer   G_x   contains a normal subgroup   U_x   (the root group) which is regular on the remaining points and whose conjugates generate  G.

Moufang sets should be thought of as rank one Moufang buildings and as such they are the basic building blocks of Moufang buildings.

Special Moufang sets (or more precisely special abstract rank one groups) were given a considerable amount of attention in Timmesfelds book (Abstract Root Subgroups and Simple Groups of Lie-Type).
I will discuss, and give partial results on  the conjecture that says that a special Moufang set has abelian root groups.


ab 15:45 Uhr
im Raum 033, Arnimallee 6

Zeit & Ort

23.08.2007 | 16:15

Arnimallee 6, Kolloquiumsraum 108/109