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Efficient Algorithms for Map Labeling


Studentische Hilfskraft

  • Vikas Kapoor

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

01.06.1996 — 31.05.1999
Map Labeling

Map Labeling

The contents of the project are the development, the theoretical analysis, the implementation and the experimental application of algorithms for some map labeling problems. The objective is to label a given quantity of objects (points, lines, regions) such that

  • no two labels intersect,
  • the legibility is granted by a sufficient label (font) size, and
  • the labeled object can easily be identified.

Based on an algorithm for solving a restricted version of this problem which has already proved to be successful in practical applications, dynamic labeling problems that occur in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) shall be solved together with the users.